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Nordic Walking Riva del Garda

Nordic Walking in Riva del Garda.Tips maps and information about that outdoor sport.

Nordic Walking in Riva del Garda.Tips maps and information about that outdoor sport.Nordic Walking, in Riva del Garda, is a sport that comes straight from Finland. In Finland and other northern European countries, it is already practised by 6 million people, who have learned the method of transforming a normal walk into a sport that can burn 45% more calories than at a regular pace.
While Nordic Walking, you use and tone 600 of the 650 muscles in the human body, and yet it is an extremely simple sport. It involves walking with alternating steps along long stretches of road, through trails and fields, using cross-country ski poles for support. This way of walking uses an intense movement that benefits the whole cardiovascular system and helps significantly to maintain the health of the back and spine.
As a sport, it derives directly from cross-country skiing. At first it was in fact considered as a way for cross-country skiers to train during the summer months, when there was not enough snow on the ground for using skis. A pair of trainers, a fleece shirt and a light windcheater, as well as the ski poles, which you can rent, are all that you need to enjoy this sport.
On the map, you will find: blue representing easy routes, red those of medium difficulty and black the most difficult ones.


Difficulty: Blu = Easy , Red= Medium , Black = Hard.


Nome Difficoltà km Dislivello
Itinerari in Arco e dintorni:
Giro punta del lago u 15,7 92 m
Giro Ponte Romano u 7,3 35 m
Giro delle fontane u 10,1 315 m
Giro delle fontanelle u 3,9 147 m
Giro de Baon u 6,9 233 m
Giro delle Cave u 6,0 239 m
Giro Prato Saiano u 7,6 49 m
Giro di Laghel u 8,5 317 m
Giro Salt de la Cavra u 8,6 421 m
Itinerari a San Giovanni al Monte:
Giro dei Prai de Gom u 6,8 167 m
Itinerari sul Monte Velo:
Giro Malga Zanga u 3,9 166 m
Giro dei due Sassi u 7.5 217 m
Giro delle malghe u 8,9 250 m


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